Little Nippers Club - Puppies

A Complete Healthcare Programme for Puppies 

Enrol your puppy on the Little Nipper Club now and get all of the following:

 Health check by our vet

                                     To make sure your puppy is starting life as healthy as possible.

  Full course of primary vaccinations

                                     To protect against the important diseases.

  At least £45 off your first year of The Pal For Life health scheme membership

                                     Benefit from membership of our unique health scheme at a reduced price.

  Series of monthly health checks

                                     To make sure your pet stays healthy and to pick up any problems early.

  Regular weight checks

                              To make sure proper growth is achieved.

  An additional free vet check at six months

                                      To ensure that health and growth are as expected.

  Regular advice and education sessions

                                      Help and guidance on the important topics of puppy care, diet, health and training to help you get everything right.

  Discounts off worm and flea treatments

                                      To help you protect against the important parasites.

  Discounts off puppy foods

                                      To reduce the cost of good home care.

  Free literature on puppy care

                                      To read at your leisure.


All this for £69.95

Saving over £240

And FREE if you join Pal For Life

            Join the Little Nipper Club now and get a complementary copy of

            How to Keep Pets Healthy so they Live Longer

                                A guide to what you need to do to keep your pets healthy and maximise their lifespan.

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